Cheti Chand

The Cheti Chand festival in the Hindu month of Chaitra marks the arrival of spring and harvest, but in the Hindu community Sindhi, it also marks the mythical birth of Uderolal in 1007. Uderolal became a warrior and elder who preached and repressed Mirkhshah that Muslims and Hindus deserve the same religious freedoms. He, like Jhulelal, became the savior of the Hindus Sindhi, who according to this legend, celebrate the new year as the birthday of Uderolal

Chaliya saheb Chalio or Chaliho, also called Chaliho Sahib, is a forty-day festival held by the Hindus sindhi to express their gratitude to Jhulelal for saving them from their imminent conversion to Islam. The 40-day festival is held every year in months from July to August, the dates vary according to the Hindu calendar. It is a celebration of thanksgiving in honor of Varuna Deva for hearing her prayers.

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