Deva mandir is built on the plot of 1000 sqaure meters.

Deva mandir property was bought in year 2000 and inaugurated on 22 October 2001 by mother of Mr Ramesh Dhanwani ( MRS.LAXMIBAI GIANCHAND DHANWANI).

Deva mandir was made in remembrance of father of Mr Ramesh Dhanwani( GIANCHAND CHOITRAM DHANWANI).

At the time of inauguration Shri Pandeyji Shukla Shyam and his brother was present.

Deva mandir doors are open to everyone, anyone can come and do prayers any time of the day, Mr Ramesh Beena and their family is staying in same building of Deva Mandir and they look after the mandir.

Hindu community of Lanzarote has taken care of Mandir since long time and now HCL has been looking after the maintenance and construction of this very regularly and many festivals are celebrated here.

Our aim is our community who are living in Spain far from their home land should not miss any festival which we all celebrate in our home land , so we try to keep our programmes going with encouraging our children and other members to participate in our community festivals which are celebrated at Deva Mandir , we have also kitchen fully equipped, where we can make food for our sangat of Lanzarote approximate 300 to 400 people.

We have arranged to get steel thalis, katoris, spoons and glasses from India and we serve food in those thalis, this way everyone clean their own thalis and those thalis are cleaned and dried and stored again in the plastic boxes for the next function or bhandara.

We have capacity of 300 people can sit and have dinner or lunch at Mandir and we have sufficient tables and chairs for sitting arrangements.